Hey Bae Bae

Hey Bae Bae


Hematite absorbs negative energy, grounds, calms stress, provides equilibrium, and helps develop self-control.

Red Tiger’s Eye, aka Bull’s Eye, enhances motivation and willpower, promotes action, boosts confidence, and provides protection.

Garnet cleanses negative energy, cleanses other chakras, and enhances passion.

Intentions: I intend to create the world I want to experience with practicality. I will safely dedicate my strength, love, and courage to people and projects that awaken my awareness and multiply my abundance. I will holistically benefit from the completion of my hard work, be it increased time in activities that replenish my energy (such as meditation) or activities that increase my self-esteem. 

Notes: Intentions are provided as a guide. All waist bead designs are unique; the gemstones and color palette will be similar while the finished design will vary.

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