New Moon in Aries

I learned a lot about celebrity during the three or so decades that I identified as a musician. The greatest takeaway was that people in positions of celebrity are not better than anyone else. Rank, power, and position have absolutely nothing to do with quality, although it absolutely can influence and illuminate particular personality traits. Being in those environments – conversing in green rooms, on stages, and at clubs – showed me that average people leveraged by social platforms and financial assistance are simply better suited to advertise, e.g. perpetuate, myths of the American Dream manufactured by systems that capitalize on that illusion.

That’s what this New Moon in Aries wants you to realize.

Nouns will not bring you pleasure.
Dark Days Tarot by Emily Mundy

Dark Days Tarot by Emily Mundy

You’ve been questing after fulfillment, satisfaction, goal attainment, good times, happiness, peace, tranquility, and feelings of pride. But perhaps you haven’t quite seen the illusion of celebrity. If we’ve learned anything from Caitlyn Jenner, it’s that you can have your face (and Olympic medals) on a box of Wheaties and be known the world over, but until you obtain self-acceptance, you will not achieve peace. Nouns will not bring you pleasure. Look at the situation currently causing contention from an alternative perspective.

Many of us want to believe that solely setting intentions, or meditating, or praying is going to manifest our lofty dreams. You've hopefully realized by now that directly asking The Universe for that thing you want will not make it happen. But if you ask yourself, your guides, and your ancestors to show you ways to achieve your goals, help you create the path, and nurture the qualities that will make it last, then you will see results. What we truly want begins to materialize when we get tired of waiting for our hopes to miraculously appear. We see the start of what we’re questing at the point when we think our goals impossible, when we reach our hidden limits. Then we ourselves make the major moves that get us the outcome we craved. Suddenly we realize that we have been lowkey creating the path to take the steps with our unwavering focus.

You did it! Sit down. Be humble.

And when that moment of clarity comes, please acknowledge it. Appreciate that you’re happy, for example, and express gratitude for that happiness. It wasn’t a fluke that your goals manifested. You protected your values, were guided by your personal beliefs, and followed your heart. In those moments, take the time to reflect on how quickly we see results when we stop listening to the opinions and expectations of others and obey the guidance within our soul. You did it! Sit down. Be humble.

Because it seemed to take such a long time, you might feel inclined to fully take advantage of the gift. Overexcitement is connected with fear and anxiety. Take care to reject wastefulness, overindulgence in your power, and access granted by manifesting. It’s easy to become intoxicated by substances or delusions of grandeur. Remember the laws of physics. The higher you are, the harder you fall. On the flip side, we humans often panic to extremes when major goals are met. Proceed with caution so as not to fall into despair, reject positivity, or think you don't deserve your blessings.

Dark Days Tarot by Emily Mundy

Dark Days Tarot by Emily Mundy

Have the courage to stay grounded. It will take a lot of inner strength, willpower, self-control/esteem/discipline to steer clear of the “fuckits.” To have is also to lose. But be authentic and realize the things you can see are only a snippet of the inner amazing that you cannot see. What's inside - perspective, forgiveness, etc. - is the genuine value. Let’s say for example you had a great head about money before you had a lot of money. Making it rain just cuz you can is still unwise. Many a celebrity have been duped by their accountants. You know that. You know better. You are ‘good enough’ to continue to be and do better. But it can be confusing, this time of major change and transition.

You might feel conflicted about your best options. Should I stay or should I go? You will know if the situation is not working for you. You will feel that familiar pattern to escape quickly rather than to deal with the problems head on. Stop yourself before you start to reel out of control. Try to remember that rest, relaxation, and silence are necessary before and after every major challenge. Meditate, find stillness, and seek solitude. Reevaluate, reassess your progress, and reflect for future success. You got this if you believe you got this. Believe it.


Tarot spread: Four of Wands, Hanged Man (R), Ten of Cups, Three of Cups, Strength (R), Eight of Cups (R), Four of Swords (R).