Full (Blue) Moon in Libra

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Image credit: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/73/11/82/731182b009bdfba16924a964b7bb80aa.jpg 

What You Know

You're carrying toxicity from your past that makes new beginnings impossible. Your reluctance to let go keeps you stagnant. Although you realize that transformation is necessary, you haven't fully attempted it. But it's time. It's Time. Liberation is as terrifying as it is exhilarating. You deserve this major change. The Universe wants to see you there. Don't delay any further.

What You Don't Know

People are jealous of your success and acting like there's only one possible position: yours. They're being competitive with you, whether you're aware of it or not. You may just think they're just being petty, which is also true, but more likely, you're wondering if your ongoing fight to maintain your position is worth it. Remember that your self-confidence, self-belief, and continued self-improvement helped to raise you up. You earned your place and deserve to be there. Remain courageous and determined to keep what you worked so hard to achieve. Focus on yourself, not on anyone else. Continued success is guaranteed if you also continue to overcome adversities.

Where to Focus

You were working on a project, some creative endeavor. What caused you to stop? Instead of dissolving into alcohol and other drugs, Think. There's no need to escape from your reality over feelings of disappointment or ineptitude. Focus on giving as much as you expect, particularly in the areas of acceptance and love. Give these gifts to yourself. You're doing your best right now as the planets retrograde and the blue moon extracts crazy from us all. Take hold of your emotions instead of being marionetted by them. Be still, listen to your guides and ancestors, then you will find balance.

Side Eye

Let's be real: it's not the situation that's causing the issues. It's your inaction that's amplifying the worry and stress. Anxiety disappears when you act. The main trouble is that you're trying to focus on the problem or the solution. However, you must do both. Use your intellect and logic, e.g. not your emotions, to resolve the situation. Write a pros and cons list, or better yet, an advantages and disadvantages chart. For example, if you want to know if you should stay at your job, make a chart with the headings 'Advantages of Staying at Job | Disadvantages of Staying at Job | Advantages of Leaving Job | Disadvantages of Leaving Job.' After writing it all out, you'll clearly see the most appropriate choice. If the answer still feels overwhelming, consider the option that brings you the most peace. (Hint: it's not NOT making a decision at all.) If you're concerned about who might be affected by your decision, remember that the Universe provides what we need when we need it. That principle applies to other people too.

Look at the intentions that you set at the March 17 new moon for clues on what has been holding you back and what needs release right now. Cry through it, but do it. Gemstones for support: Aquamarine, Emerald, Opal, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Tourmaline

Full Moon tarot spread: Death (R), Seven of Wands, Page of Cups (R), Two of Swords (R). Deck designed by David Wallsteadt

Full Moon tarot spread: Death (R), Seven of Wands, Page of Cups (R), Two of Swords (R). Deck designed by David Wallsteadt