The Sun and the Moon

The Sun and the Moon


Sunstone and Moonstone meet Earth Mother. This outstanding waist bead strand was divinely designed to restore emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical balance before and after childbirth. The glimmering adjustable design supports and complements the body's natural transition. Superb for anyone experiencing rapid size changes. Transform with this gorgeous elongated strand.

FAQ: This extra-long strand of high-end gemstones measures 66" and is meant to overlap around any waistline.

Intention: I intend to glowingly connect with the Divine Feminine. I intuitively nurture my creativity. I will patiently allow my reproductive functions to flow, renew, and regenerate.


Notes: Intentions are provided as a guide. All waist bead designs are unique; the gemstones and color palette will be similar while the finished design will vary.

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