Neteru Collection: Nebt-Het

Neteru Collection: Nebt-Het

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Nebt-Het represents the ability to demonstrate self-mastery in one’s affairs, an essential quality for establishing and maintaining Maat. Her name literally means “mastress of the house” and she wears the symbols that spell her name upon her crown. We can manifest her attributes in our actual homes by maintaining an environment that supports peace and tranquility. This encourages the use of fountains, essential oil diffusers, burning incense, and maintaining sacred spaces (altars, shrines). We should seek to keep our homes clean and uncluttered, making them conducive for spiritual work and inviting for divine energy. If we have never had our homes blessed or cleansed, we should seek guidance from a priest/ess who can aid us with elevating the vibration of our homes. Honoring the body that houses our spirits requires us to embrace habits that contribute to life. This encourages healthy eating and exercise, as well as practices such as EFT (tapping), meditation, and yoga. In this sense, embodying Nebt-Het means we should be immediately aware of any changes to our being and take charge of our condition, seeing a health practitioner regularly and staying on top of our physical needs.

Gemstone: Kambaba Jasper is a stone of tranquility and peace, stability and energy, infused with the nourishing energies of nature. The dark swirls and circles symbolize comfort and protection, calm and relaxation, and balance and restoration. Kambaba Jasper encourages happiness and activates spiritual confidence.

Intentions: I intend to remember that I am in control of myself. I will be mindful not to allow the callings of the flesh to govern my decisions. I intend to remain grounded and aware of my thoughts, words, and deeds, always choosing to nourish my body and my spirits with what feeds my Divine nature. I intend to meditate on self-mastery meaning having the discipline to turn away from what I want and embrace what is in my best interest, not saying or doing anything without divine intention, thus creating my Maatic reality with precision, power, and purpose.

Notes: Intentions are provided as a guide. All waist bead designs are unique; the gemstones and color palette will be similar while the finished design will vary.

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