Neteru Collection: Ausar

Neteru Collection: Ausar

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Ausar (Greek: Osiris) represents the cyclical aspect of nature; the physical creation and the cycle of becoming and returning. Ausar carries the flail, which represents leadership, and the crook, which represents emotional sovereignty. His green skin represents rebirth and regeneration; this encourages constant physical rejuvenation through exercise, tonics, meditation, and a healthy diet. It is said that Ausar taught our Ancestors the arts of agriculture and irrigation. Planting seeds is symbolic of the cycles of birth, adulthood, death, and reincarnation. When we reflect on Ausar, we are charged with demonstrating presence of mind and remaining calm in moments of crisis, which may seem impossible when we find ourselves immersed in chaos. Ausar is the first king of Kemet; the first leader of the people. Let that be a reminder to us all that “one must learn to lead oneself before one can lead others”. When we honor our sacred traditions, holydays, and culture, we honor Ausar. Through meditation, prayer, and reflection upon the sacred texts, one can live a life that glorifies NTR.

Gemstones: Hematite is one of the best stones to harness the Earth’s power for strength and to dispel negativity. It is a good stone for organizing one’s thoughts and developing logical thinking skills. Chrysoprase promotes growth, love, forgiveness, empathy, self-growth, self-love, and general emotional balance.

Intentions: I intend to remain still like a lighthouse in tumultuous waters. I will allow Ausar to challenge me to remake my character and find strength to harness my emotions. I intend to break the cycle of disorder that I may resurrect as one who is transformed. I intend to purify my perception and gain control through righteous thoughts, words, and deeds. I will practice what I preach.

Notes: Intentions are provided as a guide. All waist bead designs are unique; the gemstones and color palette will be similar while the finished design will vary.

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