Goddess Meretseger

Goddess Meretseger


Meretseger ("She Who Loves Silence," "Goddess of Punishment and Mercy") is the cobra-headed goddess, who poisoned and blinded those who tried to vandalize the royal tombs. Although she punished those who committed crimes, she also healed those who repented. Step lightly around this goddess.

Gemstones: Labradorite is a mystical stone protector that takes on the characteristic energies of both the Sun and the Moon assuring success and bringing changes in the quality of life.

Intentions: I intend to positively promote innovations. I will easily communicate with my Spirit Guides to awaken intuition about my future lives. I intend to completely forgive myself for the past when my self-knowledge was limited. I intend to protect my energy as I seek enlightenment.


Notes: Intentions are provided as a guide. All waist bead designs are unique; the gemstones and color palette will be similar while the finished design will vary.

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