Full Moon in Virgo

I send text messages to a few women who asked to receive information on how to work with the moon on their intentions. I consult metaphysical principles to develop these messages through meditation and study. I'm also learning to read tarot cards intuitively. Sometimes I feel that the readings are on point. Other times, I can't make sense of what I'm feeling. (I try not to blame the cards.) My Moon Message for today, 3/1/2018, seems on point:

This song pretty much sums up the entire Full Moon Message

Moon Goddess, you were deceived (likely by a Leo or Virgo), but you already know this. You can detect lies and trickery like whiffs of ammonia. The thing is, you were aware that the deception was happening the entire time and could not decide between what you needed and what you wanted because of imbalance. Delaying the inevitable and focusing on the pain made it worse.

Alas, even though the details remain elusive, the damage is done. You may have told yourself that you could handle the fuckery from a controlled, unaffected, and masterful position. After all, you chose to obey your heart instead of your rational mind because it’d been so long since you enjoyed feelings of creativity, letting go, and dreaming. You forgot that fantasy and other illusions are temporary highs. Now you may feel embarrassed that it didn’t quite out the way you blissfully envisioned.

You may feel overly responsible for the anger, hurt, disappointment, and resentment sown with your conscious permission. The pain is justified karmic retribution. Release it to allow it to pass. Gracefully accept that it happened because the bigger picture shows that you need this color to make your masterpiece pop. (God is Bob Ross. Just FYI.) Re-read your intentions from August. Did you take the necessary steps to manifest or did you take shortcuts?

image: http://www.strongstuff.net/alice-in-wonderland/

image: http://www.strongstuff.net/alice-in-wonderland/

Instead of seeping in overwhelming remorse, upgrade your intentions to forgive yourself (and others also acting solely on emotion, not logic) then move on. You just learned a ton about yourself. Congrats on your increased insight and understanding! You’re repairable. Give yourself some peace. The last new moon asked that you reflect on what makes you feel whole and complete to bring about balance. You didn’t before but you now have those answers.

Focus. Be specific. Realign your heart and third eye chakras. We can’t fully function without their shared and cooperative support. Visualize a glowing band of energy connecting those chakras. Mingle the knowledge contained in your head with the knowledge in your heart. Use that combined wisdom to guide your next two weeks as we prepare for Mercury retrograde on the 22nd. Connect to the Earth (ground yourself) with black tourmaline, obsidian, hematite, jaspers, tigers eye, smoky quartz, agates, and calcites. I love you. 

Tarot: Nine of Swords, Ten of Swords reversed, Seven of Cups reversed, Justice, Knight of Cups reversed