Full Moon in Pisces


Our astrological series continues with the Full Moon in Pisces on August 26.

Five of Swords (R)
The Full Moon in Pisces reveals the truth about the past two months – tumultuousness, tensions, and interpersonal conflicts. Tempers flared. Tears spilled. Battles were won and lost. Whether you’re the victor or you feel defeated, the period of fighting is over. Disagreements can now be addressed civilly to restore relationships. Rebuilding may be a matter of sacrificing the idea of opposites. Win-win is a concept worth considering. Learn to let go of the idea that the past decides the future. Your best self is in the present. Surrender inflexibility and closed minds to the Universe. 

The Hanged Man
All that tension may have manifested as body aches. Do a body scan by tensing and releasing the muscles of each chakra. What hurts? Oftentimes physical pain has emotional and mental origins. Listen to your pain, identify the area of the body that has been overcompensating for your lack of attention, and take a moment to make a plan that will alleviate your symptoms. Scalp massage time.


King of Cups
Your intellect is strong. Be mindful to balance your intellect with your emotions. Deepening your emotional maturity – that is, the controlled feelings that allow you to weigh situations with head and heart – will increase your stability and calmness. Be considerate when dealing with others, particularly when your back is knotted with tension and someone still wants to beef with you. Woosa. Diplomacy, graciousness, and caring will guarantee the win-win that allows you to keep your boundaries and your cool.

Four of Cups (R)
You’ve made peace with your would-be opponent. You’ve taken care of your physical health. You’ve addressed your emotional health. What’s left? Turn your gaze away from yourself. The New Moon is on its way with new possibilities. If you wait too long to recover from the previous battle, you’ll miss the new opportunities available only when you surrender to positivity. Express appreciation for the lessons you’ve learned through your hardships. Every valley has a peak. Pick some colorful and fragrant flowers as you ascend towards your destination.