Full Moon in Aries

We are entering the Warrior’s Moon, the Aries Full Moon, where internal battles must take place before external battles can be fought. We’re all fighting for something, whether it’s the battle of the sexes at your job or the battle of the bulge in your mirror. Either way, battles are lost or won depending on the goal of the fight. Personal glory is the loser’s battle. Personal virtue is the winner’s battle. Let’s turn to the cards.

Osiris is associated with the astrological sign Aries

Osiris is associated with the astrological sign Aries



Just know from the very start that you don’t need to fight right now. Oftentimes we think we’re born ready to engage in battle. It ain’t necessarily so. But the training is harder and takes longer than we think it should. We rebel and want to rush the process. We don’t know for how long dues will need to be paid and we think we’ve contributed excessively. Take a moment at your altar to consider battles that you cannot see. Battles such as impatience, laziness, pettiness, or rage are often seen as weapons and used as both swords and shields. During this Warrior’s Moon, it’s time to realize that fighting grief, sorrow, physical or emotional pain, or depression won’t win the battle. Sadness isn’t the enemy, yet engaging in this battle perpetuates an endless war. In order to move forward, redirect your focus broader.



Institutions. Social expectations and obligations. Power structures. Control and conformity. These are worth focusing your fiery Aries Full Moon energy. Your boss giving you the praise without the raise isn’t about your boss. Don’t set your taser to stun him. The real battle begins with whether you won the battle within yourself that says the goal is gender equality, not your specific raise. Do you believe “if not me, then some other woman who has worked just as hard” or are you trying to keep up with the boys? If you don’t believe that the battle is worth the fight, you’ve already lost. Train during this time on the inner work – gain equal or greater years experience, increase allies and contacts, understand the structure of the company and the various ways to advance, etc. – before you attempt to engage in the battle to strike that glass ceiling from every direction until it shatters.



The battle is the hierarchy, not the peer-level jealousies or ego competition. If I’ve learned anything from watching Game of Thrones it’s that focusing on the chaos around you or the audience instead of the enemy before you is the best way to get your head cut off. Again, the battles fought during the Aries Full Moon are not about people, but rather about ideas. You’ll know you’re on a winning track when your focus isn’t on lateral competing ideas or conflicts, but rather on your purpose. If your intentions are to get the raise, don’t focus on who else got raises and how unfair it is because they don’t stay as late or do as much. Focus on the barriers to you getting a raise and how to eliminate that barrier. (Hint: it’s not tearing down someone else because their raise won’t be retracted to give to you.)



Set your intentions on abundance. Prosperity. Protection. Stability. Those are larger ideas worth fighting for. They have very little to do with individuals and more to do with the difference between being richand being wealthy. A lottery winner is rich (short-term) and an investor is wealthy (long-term). Are you cramming for that exam to retain knowledge (long-term) or to pass the test (short-term)? Think bigger picture during the Warrior’s Moon.


Charge Ahead

During the Aries Full Moon and Autumnal Equinox, we will fight for what we believe in. It’ll be a battle worth fighting if you know the true enemy. Do you believe that your flat screens and self-driving cars equate security? Does it feel secure to think that someone might steal your television or key your car? Now you’re working hard to protect and maintain these things, but who was the enemy? Certainly not the person who ruined your shiny toy because you probably didn’t know that person existed when you bought the stuff. Or was the enemy insecurity? Buying security (external) isn’t the way to feel secure (internal). Illusions don’t bring long-term satisfaction. Reconsider the honest purpose for your fight, with whom or what you’re fighting, and declare yourself winner when you’ve sidestepped monetary values or settling insignificant scores in favor of long-lasting injustices.


Tarot spread: Nine of Swords, Hierophant, Five of Wands, King of Pentacles, Four of Pentacles